Creating the objects for the final performance scenes

In the third session, participants were divided in two groups: one with African heritage and the second with participants from Bangladesh, as the participants were exactly split in two groups of 6 members grouped by ethnicity.

The facilitators asked the two groups to create a scenario for the stories imagined in the second sessions, so participants were stimulated to create a set and pick up a common story to be staged. They were invited to practice with puppets and  to create a common topics into a plot. It was suggested that each group will compose a scenario for a simple, yet meaningful action on stage and will write it down.
The main focus should be on describing the plot in detail, scene by scene, as it was during the exercise meant for practicing animation skills  Such a scenario should first of all answer the question: What exactly does the puppet do and what happens on stage? The group jointly decided also about the number of puppets to be used, about the elements of stage and space where to perform. So after the practising, the participants agreed on a story and started creating many objects for the final performance inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, football player and icon for many people in the world. The workshop participants were inspired by his figure and created a story where young Ronaldo leaves his small island to go to Lisbon in search of fame and fortune. As we all know, he was very successul in his search for fame and success!


Dario Ferrante

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