The final performance

A final performance was held by the participants at CSC Danilo Dolci. Sema and Akmed staged their story in fronf of 25 people! After two more sessions of practicing and rehersing the story, in total six sessions were held before the final performance. The story of Cristiano Ronaldo was staged, from his early stages as a child in Gran Canarias to his move to Lisbon and the first success as a footballer. The end of the story staged by Sema and Akmed was Cristiano Ronaldo being awarded with the golden shoe as best palyer in Europe and top scorer.

It was straightforward that Sema and Akmed identified themselves in this character as he represents the dream of a poor child who struggles and eventually succeed in his dream: being the best player in the world.

In details, Dario Ferrante introduced the performance explaining the process which led to the final performance and the project itself.

the final performance was made of four different moments: Ronaldo as a child playing with a ball made of rugs; Ronando taking the plane from Funchal, his home town, to Lisbon; Ronaldo scoring his first goal at Sporting Lisbona and winning his first cup; Ronaldo being awarded the Golden Shoe at FIFA Wolrd Gala.

All the four moments were acoompanied by music and sounds effects chosen by Sema and Akmed.

The final performance was a success for Sema and Akmed who were assisted by Dario Ferrante in operating the puppets: six different puppets were used to stage the final story.

At the end, great emotions and satisfaction for the CC group, and for the audience who really enjoyed the effort made by CC participants!


Dario Ferrante

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